Hi there 👋, I'm Srinidhi

Independent Data Engineer, based in India.

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I design and orchestrate data pipelines,
with expertise in

Python 3, Node.JS, Scala, SQL Stored Procedures and Functions, Linux Shell Scripting
Postgres, HANA, Cassandra, MSSQL, MYSQL, MongoDB, Elastic Search.
Data Tools or Frameworks
Apache Airflow, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop – Hive, Impala, MapReduce, Databricks, Tableau, Looker
Cloud platforms
AWS - Glue, S3, Lambda, Step Functions, Codebuild.
Azure Data Factory , Databricks.
Enterprise Tools
Pivotal & SAP Cloud Foundry PaaS, XS Advanced Platform, SAP Process & Data Integration, BI Platform & Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA Platform.
Version Control & CI/CD
Git, Docker, Jenkins.

Services I provide

  • Data Engineering

    You have a product idea where you see a scope of data engineering or
    you would want to revamp your current data flow setup in cloud.

  • Technical Content Creation

    You want to add tech blogs and tutorials to your business,
    I could contribute providing best practices along with a pinch of my perspective
    Check out my blog posts here..

  • Side Projects

    I'm open to collaborate with other developers on building passion/side projects

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Srinidhi Sridharan

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